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HP X1200 Wired Mouse

HP X1200 Sparkling Black Wired Mouse

HP X1200 Sparkling Black Wired Mouse


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The dual functionality allows ease of use for left or right-hand control.

Simply plug in and use with a USB connection - no software installation or set-up required.

No mouse pad is required to take advantage of the smooth and accurate control of the 1200 cpi optical tracking technology.

Complement your computer with your choice of three bold colors - Sparkling Black, Revolutionary Blue or Flyer Red.

Smoothly move through documents and web pages with 3 buttons and rubber scroll wheel.


Hardware compatibility

Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista™/7/8
Simplicity made stylish. Simply plug in and experience smooth control using documents, creating art, reviewing the web and more - regardless if you are left or right-handed.